RECP and water conservation

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Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) is a systematic and integrated approach to managing energy, water, environmental, and financial resources while eliminating or minimizing waste and emissions to the environment, through sustainable and cost-effective measures.

We conduct RECP assessments by collecting and analyzing data, Identify and develop RECP interventions to be implemented. This includes performing feasibility assessment and Implementation RECP interventions (through controlling and prevention).

Sustainable Water Management

Water resource management is a multidisciplinary approach relating to planning, development, operational and tactical decisions to influence the water cycle

We offer sustainable water management strategies that gives you a comprehensive understanding of water conservation by evaluating the usage of water across all processes. Our water assessments quantify all the flows in a system, identifies inefficiencies and potential water savings through best practice.



Mega Unit Objective Supports

Sustainable Development Goals

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